Our Shakshouka Recipe

Origin Story:

Let’s start with a bit of history. Shakshouka traces its roots to North Africa and the Middle East but has become a brunch sensation worldwide. Our executive chef Sercan has perfected the art of blending tradition with innovation to create a shakshouka experience.

Fresh Ingredients:

The key to any exceptional dish lies in its ingredients. Ours is a carefully crafted medley of farm-fresh eggs, succulent tomatoes, vibrant bell peppers, and a secret blend of aromatic spices. Each component is selected with utmost precision to guarantee freshness in every bite.

Cooking Technique:

Our chefs take pride in the cooking technique that transforms these simple ingredients into one of our signature dishes. The eggs are gently poached in a rich, spiced tomato and bell pepper stew until they reach the perfect level of runny goodness. They then add our homemade hummus, zhug, and Turkish white cheese to garnish the perfectly cooked Shakshouka.

All-Day Shakshouka:

Love our shakshouka? Good news- you can enjoy it every day on our all-day brunch menu until 5 pm. Whether it’s a late breakfast, an early lunch, or an afternoon craving, the comforting taste of our shakshouka is ready to please your palate at any time. It’s a menu gem that adds a touch of warmth to your day, whenever you decide to drop by.

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